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Acapulco has been for many years the favorite destination of Mexico or at least one of the favorites of those who live in the center of the country, given its proximity to the capital and then for the beauty of its beaches sheltered by the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur, where you will find the activity and settings of your choice to live your vacation on the beach.

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Caleta & Caletilla

The beaches of Caleta and Caletilla are two of the best known and most visited in the port of Acapulco , Guerrero , in southern Mexico . They are located in the first section that makes up the Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán , in the tourist area known as Acapulco Traditional .

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La Quebrada

La Quebrada is a 45-meter-high cliff where the famous dives are performed, the show can be witnessed in the afternoon, taking advantage of the sunset, and at dusk, with special lighting, where divers jump from one , or three at a time, with torches, to enhance it.

La Roqueta y sus andadores

It is a must-see attraction, it is located in front of the bay of Acapulco, famous for its panoramic lighthouse and because the Virgin of the Seas is nearby if you like to practice water activities such as snorkeling or diving you cannot miss it.

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El Fuerte de San Diego

Within this impressive site lives the Acapulco Historical Museum, it has 13 exhibition rooms in which you can learn about the first inhabitants of our beautiful port as well as all the cultural wealth that houses the fort.

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Pie de la cuesta

The view in this place is unique, the foot of the slope divides the Coyuca lagoon and the Pacific Ocean, a place where you can breathe tranquility, enrich the soul and enjoy the best typical food in the area.

Alquiler de buceo

Scuba diving

Acapulco is an underwater sanctuary because among its waves we can appreciate different environments, from caves, walls, sunken ships and rocky reefs to the famous Virgin Submerged.


Acapulco has a calm and deep sea that allows you to enjoy sport fishing throughout the year. Feel the adrenaline of this extreme adventure accompanied by experienced fishermen who will help you find a beautiful specimen to remember.

Niños en barco de pesca

Motos acuáticas

If you are a lover of speed and strong emotions, you must travel the waves of the bay on a jet ski, you can find everything from guided jet skis to renting them per hour so that you can take your adrenaline rush and make your trip a unique experience.

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Barcos de fondo de cristal

Enter our beautiful port of Acapulco in a glass- bottom boat where, in addition to enjoying a guided tour of the most emblematic places of the bay, you will be able to appreciate all the secrets that its beautiful waters hide .



Visit our beautiful Zócalo, a small, quiet and picturesque place that connects you with the essence of our beloved Acapulco, you can find fountains, a large stone kiosk and the great cathedral, as well as enjoy typical food and have a good time.

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